Noteworthy Restaurants in town: 

Bruno's Wood Fired Pizzeria on Main Street next to the former Graves Drug Store

The Courtyard (across from the former White Swan which is now Neighbors)  Great Salads/Sandwiches, closed on Saturday and Sunday

Main Street Deli    Good soups, sandwiches, and the best Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Time Out Sports Bar & Grill located at Starlite Lanes on West Kansas....good food

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant on East Kansas  (former location of The Happy Chef)

JD's Kwik Burger on West Kansas......Yep......still there

Also available......Wendys, McDonalds, Arbys, Taco Bell, KFC, Braums, Sonic, Long John Silvers, Applebees and many more I can't remember

Freddi's Frozen to to WalMart on East Kansas....great burger baskets, awesome skinny fries with a ranch dip, and many more sandwich selections.  Good frozen custard and sundaes.

Sorry......No T-Bone Johns

Good Breakfast Places:

Neighbors on South Main  (formerly White Swan or Dirty Duck as some of you called it)

Montana Mikes  on East Kansas located with the Holiday Manor

Perkins Restaurant on East the former Red Coach

The Galva Cafe in Galva....just a short 5 or 6 miles to Galva

The Well at the corner of Kansas Avenue and Main....good pastries and coffee


Homies: There have to be more places than this where you wouldn't mind eating.  Send us some suggestions.  How about your top three or four?  Lane

I listed the restaurants I'm familar with...let me know what I've left out that's worth listing.....Carol

Hey, thanks.  Next question:  Is JD still there?  Lane  5/25/12