Uploading Photos

Use this Helpful Hint only if you need it.  You should be able to do everything just by clicking on what you want.  

The procedure for uploading photos has changed.  Changes are shown below in dark green font.  

Note!  There is no longer a Save Changes button for uploading photos.  When you upload a photo, it's automatically saved and your name will appear in the Profile Updates box on the home page.  I've asked to have this changed.  

Lane 8/1/14


Uploading a picture to your profile or photo gallery is easy if you already have a picture on your computer.  Almost any format is OK, including jpg, gif, bmp, and tif.  You don't need to resize it - upload the largest photo you have.  The system will resize it to fit.  If you have trouble uploading it, you can email the picture to us as an attachment. 

If you only have a print version of your picture, it needs to be scanned into your computer.  If you don't have a scanner, mail your picture or pictures to one of your helpful and friendly website administrators.  Barring any natural disasters, your pictures will be returned. 

None of this has to be done perfectly the first time.  You can always change things after you see what your picture looks like by clicking on Edit Profile in Member Functions. 

The recent software "upgrade" cut out almost all of the photo editing options, probably because it was too much for most people.  Now you can only add a caption.  

Here are step-by-step instructions for uploading a picture to your profile.  Click here to open this page in a new window so you can upload a picture in one window as you follow the instructions in the other window. 

1.  Click on Edit Profile in the MEMBER FUNCTIONS on the left

2.  Click on your photos on the upper right.  

3.  Click on "Upload a new photo" on the upper left.  A dialog box with a list of folders on your computer will appear.  Navigate to the folder that holds the picture you want to add.  If you are in “list” view, change the view button at the top of the dialog box to show icons (that is, pictures).  This makes it easier to find the picture you want to upload.

4.  To add a picture to your photos, click twice on the picture (or click once on the picture and once on the Open button).  Wait for the picture to appear. 

5.  Clicking on the check mark makes the check mark disappear and makes the picture not appear in your profile.  

6.  Click and drag the pictures to sort the order in which they will appear in your profile.  

7.  You can delete a picture or add a caption by moving your mouse over a picture and then moving it over the edit "pencil" icon that appears.  

8.  The Master Photo will appear in your emails and forum posts.  It's loaded separately on the Edit Profile page.  

9.  Go to your Profile page and see if things look the way you want them to.

10.  Recent changes to your Profile will appear twice - once where you put them and again near the top of the page under the "Latest Interactions" banner.   Things in "Latest Interactions" are temporary, but you can remove them at any time by moving the mouse over an item and clicking the "delete" that appears.