Notify Me

Tired of searching for new stuff on our website?  And still not knowing what you missed? 

Check out the new Notify Me feature.  It's the first link under Member Functions.  It gives you a bunch of options to receive notifications by email when various things change.  You can choose to receive these messages immediately, or have all of your notifications of changes that occur on the same day grouped into one email.

This feature replaces the former "Profile Subscriptions" function that notifies you of profile changes.  You can still change your Profile Subscriptions at the end of each member’s profile. 

Note that the last option is worded badly.  It says to notify you if "an administrator sends an email to all website members."  But it really means you want to receive emails that Carol, Carolyn, or I send from the website.  If you set it to "Never," you won't get any messages from us.

Lane  7/13/12