Live Chat

We recently enabled Live Chat and Instant Messages because they're apparently popular on other classes’ websites.  Both allow messages to be typed in for other members to see instantly. The main difference between them seems to be that any member can enter into the Live Chat and Instant Messages can be private. 

If anything should be added here or if you have any questions, click on Contact Us or send a message to me.  Lane  11/14/10
How do you Chat Live?  When you log in, a Live Chat link will appear on the left.  Click on the link to open the Chat window.  Type a message to the left of the Send button and click on the button.  All messages will appear in the big area above.  
The Live Chat window doesn’t appear when you click on Live Chat?  You need to download the latest version of the Adobe Flash player at  It’s free and easy to download.   

There's no Send button?  If you don’t see a Send button at the bottom of the Live Chat window, you need to shrink the window with Ctrl scroll (hold the Ctrl key down and scroll with the mouse dial or touch pad).

Want more info?  Click on the blue question mark above the Send button or on the Instructions line in the upper right corner.