Fifty Years Ago

From the January 23, 1962, High Life; it looks as if it must have been basketball time!

From the January 23, 1962, High Life, our class announced our choices for Mr. and Miss MHS:


From the December 12. 1961, edition of the McPherson High Life:

If you still understand 100% of this humor, you are either amazing or hopelessly stuck in '61.

...screws like those found in the auditorium seats.


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More articles from the October 10, 1961, edition of the McPherson High Life:

Congestion in McPherson?

Mr. Bowers, who died in 1977 (see his obit on the '61 site) didn't stick around to clean up our messes our senior year.


Bring out the mums! This article doesn't give the date for homecoming in 1962 but it must have been before October 10 since it is not listed on the School Daze calendar. Here's a bit of homecoming hoopla, and I see that I had wrinkles even then! Also, don't miss the Junior Play, "A Rocket for His Pocket," on October 18!

Too late, that happened fifty years ago!

Carolyn 10/15/11

Fifty Years Ago

Are you ready for some football, Bullpup style, a la 1961? The "Ocean Toad Reporter" article by Bill Mills in the first High Life issue of our senior year begins, The cost of football equipment, from head to toe, is nothing small:

Helmet $18
Shoulder Pads $25
Hip Pads $10
Thigh Pads $4
Knee Pads $2
Game Jersey $5
Game Pants $8
Football $15

And here's the High Life article, lamenting the Pups' loss to Salina but celebrating their win over Emporia: