Janice Sawyer Clark

Profile Updated: March 29, 2020
Residing In: Galva, KS USA
Spouse/Partner: Jim
Children: Cathy Mauch, born 1968, is married to David. She has one child, Rick, who is 20 years old. Cathy currently More…works as a special education teacher at Washington Elementary School in McPherson. She and her husband live on a farm north of McPherson.

Tricia Clark, born 1972, lives in Lindsborg. She has two daughters, Esther, age 5, and Echo, age 3 and 1/2. They keep Grandma busy! Tricia works at the Lindsborg Convention Visitors Bureau.
Occupation: Farm Management with Spouse
How did you spend your "working" years, including volunteer work?

After high school, I attended Emporia State Teachers College for one year, where I took secretarial training. Mr. Sponberg and Mr. Rickner were responsible for my interest in secretarial work. My first job was at the McPherson County Extension Office working with 4-H. During this time, Paulette Bughman Larson, Anita Gustafson Link, and I joined forces and rented an apartment for $30 a month. Wow, we thought that was steep! On August 1, 1965, I married Jim Clark. I worked at the Extension Office until our first child, Cathy, was born. Then I was able to be a stay at home mom, volunteering for all the room mother activities.

I am very fortunate to have married a farmer and live in the country northeast of Galva. We love it here! I am the "hired hand" and farm alongside Jim, driving tractors and baling and whatever else goes along with farming. My favorite part of farming is the cattle. I bond with each one, and especially enjoy calving time. We have had many baby calves warming up after being born on a cold winter night. This life I would not trade! Our grandson, Rick, is now involved with us in our farming operation. We are glad to have him join us.

What are your hobbies, pastimes, causes, leisure activities?

I love gardening. Flowers are my favorite, but I also have a vegetable garden. I can 50 quarts of pickles each year and put tomatoes in the freezer. I enjoy cooking, baking, and entertaining. So if you want a home cooked meal, give me a holler....just kidding!

I look forward to our monthly get togethers with classmates. It keeps us all sane and out of trouble!

My family belongs to the New Gottland Covenant Evangelical Church and is actively involved.

NEW! What's on your bucket list?

Traveling is on most people's bucket list. Traveling is NOT on my bucket list! Tricia used to live in Minnesota and I would have to fly to visit her. I hate flying! I wanted to be on the "NO FLY" list!

Actually, after thinking about a "bucket list" , I discovered I really don't have one. I just enjoy each day as it comes!

School Memories:

My school memories include: driving too fast to school each day so I wouldn't be late, each day thinking "I will get up earlier tomorrow", but of course, I didn't, sitting in cars over noon hour with friends, Teen Town, the drive-in movie theater, watching Donna Brown Miller getting a bubble haircut by my cousin who knew nothing about cutting hair, working at Crabb's Town and Country store, Judy Hamman Reed's slumber party after junior prom, dragging Main back and forth, back and forth with friends (it was fun, but now I'm not sure what the point of that was!). High school was fun and holds lots of memories. Life is still lots of fun! We are still making memories. See you all at the 50th!

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I just go out and talk to the cows a lot!! Thinking of all of you, stay well. We will get through this.

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Hi Marcia! It was fun to read your profile. Glad you joined the web site. Janice

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Family picture 2016.

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Yes I also married a farmer, southwest of Hutchinson. We live right across from the K-State experimental farm. We had a feedlot for 350 pounds steers and feed them out to 700 pounds. We had a tall Harvestor to store the feed in it. Usually milo. We would give them shots when they came in from buying them. We eventually tore down the Harvestor because we were not making any money. We did have a Cow/calf herd and kept that up. I think I remember giving myself a Blackleg shot in my hand and it getting real big. Called the Vet. and he said I would not get blackleg. Ha. It did hurt with the 16 gauge needle gun.
We have irrigated corn and milo and sometimes irrigating the wheat ground too. We also sold certified and registered wheat too.
We have a wonderful family farming our ground. I sold our house to one of their sons.
I miss John more than the farm but it was quiet there and to be able to watch the sunrise and sunset, which you can't see in KC. Did see the blood moon and the linear eclipse of the moon. WOW.
I did teach and was a para for 29 years, and enjoyed working the students. Now I work with my 4 year old daughter which is fun. She is so SMART!
Take care of each other.

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Esther is 8 and Echo, 7. They are (most of the time) best friends and very goofy!

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