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•   Carol Kemp (Engelland)  1/23
•   Bill Mills  12/23
•   Darrel Hall  12/22
•   Glen Shipman  12/6
•   Graydon Houston (Soph Yr)  11/9
•   Cynthia Wilmoth (Smull)  9/15
•   Janice Rump (Taul)  8/9
•   Dixie Hays (Covington)  8/3
•   Susan Pierson (Redstone)  5/15
•   Craig Fairchild (Frsh Yr)  4/2
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 80.7%

A:   92   Joined
B:   22   Not Joined


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Again our sympathies go out to the families of Gary Schad and Libby (Wright) Spaht. 

Gary Schad died last week in California.  As soon as we receive an obituary it will be posted at Classmates>In Memory

Libby (Wright) Spaht died February 17th at her home in McPherson. Also see Classmates>In Memory to view her obituary.      

Carol Kemp Engelland  2-17-21

We lost two classmates recently. 

Diane Batcheller Wilkins died Jan 28 in Mena, Arkansas.  See Classmates > In Memory > Guests for Diane's obituary.  

Marie Hansen Keller died on or about Jan 24 in a fire in her home in Orangevale, California.  We don't have an obituary yet.  Please sign in to see this announcement here with more information.  

Lane  2/1/21

Wayne Larson.  We finally got a little more information on Wayne, thanks to Richard Patton ('61).  See 2015 on the Classmates In Memory page.  Lane  1/20/21

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