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•   Carol Kemp (Engelland)  6/3
•   Diane Batcheller (Wilkins) (Jr Yr)  3/28
•   Graydon Houston (Soph Yr)  10/23
•   Mary Ann Walline (Scott)  9/17
•   Anita Gustafson (Link)  9/9
•   Darrel Hall  9/1
•   Tom Garrelts  8/25
•   Bill Mills  8/18
•   Margaret Hughes (Hayes)  5/16
•   Cynthia Wilmoth (Smull)  5/15
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 79.3%

A:   96   Joined
B:   25   Not Joined


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Wayne Larson died of a heart attack a couple of years ago.  We haven't been able to find a date of death or an obituary.  If anybody has any information about Wayne, please let us know.  Lane  6/10/18

It's June....nothing more appropriate than a June bug background.  That's because it's June bug season at least in Kansas.     Carol  6/10/18

What are June bugs and what are they for?

The June Beetle will appear on warm spring evenings and are attracted to lights. large-bodied, they are about 1 in. long and have shiny wings. They eat on foliage and flowers at night, causing much damage. The larvae live in the soil, and can destroy crops and kill lawns and pastures by severing grass from its roots; they are considered excellent fish bait.

For lack of any "news" to post on our website, I've taken the liberty to share this photo taken last week. Many of you probably aren't aware that Anita and I have been close friends since living on the same block in McPherson from the time we were three or four years old. I know we were younger than that but neither of us can remember for sure. I left the neighborhood and moved across town and to Washington School for fourth grade. I'm sure our mothers would say we terrorized the 900 block of South Ash. Of course I was always to blame for all the mischief we got ourselves into, from picking the neighbors prized tulips to deciding to run away before we started Kindergarten. I take the credit for that idea!  Over seventy years of friendship...and hoping for many more.     Carol   5/24/18

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